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Crochet Egg Basket Free Pattern

Crochet Egg Basket: Free Pattern

Isn’t this mini egg basket adorable? We’re thrilled to share a free pattern for Crochet Egg Basket, perfect for adding a touch of handmade charm to your Easter celebrations.

Get ready to embark on a delightful journey of crochet artistry as we guide you step by step in creating a charming basket for your Easter eggs. In this crochet pattern, we will provide you with detailed instructions, tips, and tricks to help you master the art of crocheting this gorgeous egg basket.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced crocheter, this pattern is designed to cater to all skill levels. So, grab your crochet hooks, gather your yarn, and join us on this creative adventure. Let’s explore the world of crochet together, one stitch at a time. Remember, with the Crochet Egg Basket, not only will you create a beautiful piece of art, but you will also create lasting memories, cherishing the moments spent crafting with love.

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You are free to select the yarn and hook based on your preference, but make sure to choose a crochet hook that is one or two sizes smaller. This will result in a slightly tighter and neater fabric.

  • Yarn in beige and orange color for the basket, and any color for the flower. I used sport weight yarn Schachenmayr catania, 100% cotton, ball size: 125m/50gr (137yds/1.76oz);
  • Crochet hook size 2.50 mm. This is my absolute favorite crochet hook I recommend to everyone;
  • Scissors, stitch marker;
  • Wide eye needle;
  • Optional: button Ø 8mm for decoration.

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Crochet Egg Basket Free Pattern

Gauge and Measurements

The finished basket measures approximately 1.4 inches (3,5 cm) without the length of the ears, utilizing the yarn and hook mentioned above.

The gauge is not crucial for the pattern’s success. However, I prefer to use a hook size that is one or two sizes smaller than the hook recommended on the yarn package. You’re welcome to adjust the yarn and hook size to create crochet rabbit baskets of different sizes.

Abbreviations (US terms)

Here are the crochet abbreviations used in the Crochet Egg Basket pattern. Note that instructions are written in US terms. The resource you may find helpful in following this pattern: Crochet Abbreviations.

Blo – through back loop only

BloSc – to crochet Sc in back loop only

Ch – chain

Dc – double crochet

Inc – single crochet increase (Sc in indicated stitch 2 times)

Hdc – half double crochet stitch

LSc – long single crochet stitch (LSc is a single crochet stitch, but with one important distinction. Instead of crocheting into the next stitch of the current round, you crochet this stitch into the round below it)

Sc – single crochet stitch (i.e. 3 Sc means to crochet Sc into three sts)

Slst – slip stitch

St(s) – stitch(es)

Tr – treble crochet stitch

[] x – repeat the instructions in brackets x times

[] (…) – total number of stitches made in current round

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Crochet Egg Basket PDF Pattern

The PDF crochet pattern is a great solution for those who want to print the instructions and work offline, or just want to support my work. The PDF also contains several additional photos. You can find the PDF pattern in my shop. Your support allows me to continue to create new free patterns!

Crochet Egg Basket Pattern

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Crochet Easter Egg Bunny

Usefull tips

  • You don’t have to join each round with a slip stitch. You crochet in rounds most of the time, starting with a magic ring.
  • The basket is crocheted with tight stitches. If you tend to crochet loosely, use a smaller hook size than recommended.
  • There is a chance that you will lose track of the beginning of the round; to avoid this, mark the first stitch of each round to keep track of where it begins. This can be done with a colored pin or thread.
  • Always change the color of yarn at the last step of the last stitch of the previous color

Basket Bottom

Crochet in rounds with a stitch marker. Start with beige yarn.

You have the option to begin the project with either a magic ring or a double magic ring, but I suggest starting with the double magic ring to avoid having to secure the starting yarn tail later on.

Round 1. 6 Sc into a magic ring (6)

Round 2. Inc in each st around (12)

Round 3. [Sc, Inc] x 6 (18)

Round 4. Sc, Inc, [2 Sc, Inc] x 5, Sc (24)

Round 5. [3 Sc, Inc] x 6 (30)

Round 6. 2 Sc, Inc, [4 Sc, Inc] x 5, 2 Sc (36)

Round 7. [Inc, 5 Sc] x 5, Inc, 4 Sc, do not crochet the last st, pull the marker out, break the yarn and fasten off invisibly (42).

To do this, fully draw the yarn end through the last stitch and thread it onto a needle. Skip one stitch, then insert the needle into the next stitch (photo 1). Insert the needle back into the same stitch that the yarn end is coming from, but into the back loop only and the back bar (photo 2).

Crochet Egg Basket Bottom
Photo 1 and 2

Tighten it slightly so that the join resembles a regular stitch (photo 3 and 4). Secure the ends on the wrong side by weaving them in. Proceed to crochet the second detail.

Crochet Egg Basket Bottom
Photo 3 and 4

Now, we need to join the two pieces together with a round of slip stitches (Slst’s).

Put the two details on top of each other, wrong side against wrong side, so that both closing stitches are aligned. Insert your hook into the closing stitches of both details (photo 5), then use orange yarn to pull up a loop. Next, insert the hook into the second pair of stitches, yarn over (photo 6), 

Crochet Egg Basket Bottom
Photo 5 and 6

and pull the yarn through this pair of stitches (photo 7) and through the loop on your hook in one go (photo 8). The first Slst is now complete.

Crochet Egg Basket Bottom
Photo 7 and 8

Keep crocheting slip stitches, inserting the hook into the pairs of stitches on both pieces until you reach the last pair of stitches. Crochet one additional slip stitch into the first pair of stitches where we initially connected the orange yarn (white arrow photo 9). This round should consist of a total of 42 slip stitches. Break the yarn, pull the yarn end through the last stitch completely, thread the yarn end onto the needle, and guide it to the bottom of the piece (photo 10). Leave this end of the yarn, we will secure it later on.

Crochet Egg Basket Bottom
Photo 9 and 10

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Egg Basket

We will now begin crocheting the basket, working with the inner (back) loops of the slip stitch round. Insert the hook into the back loop of the last slip stitch. Crochet the first single crochet (Sc) of the first round into this loop.

Round 1. To do this, use beige yarn, pull up a loop (photo 1), make 1 chain stitch, and then crochet 1 single crochet into the same back loop where we inserted the hook (photo 2). The first single crochet of the first round is now complete, 40 Sc around, 1 HDc (42)

Crochet Egg Basket
Photo 1 and 2

Round 2. [1 BloSc (photo 3), 1 LSc (photo 4,5,6] x 21 (42, photo 7)

Crochet Egg Basket
Photo 3 and 4
Crochet Egg Basket
Photo 5 and 6
Crochet Egg Basket
Photo 7

You can now go back to the unfixed ends of the orange yarn, thread them onto a needle, and weave in the orange yarn ends on the bottom of the basket. Try to place the stitches over those already made to ensure a neater appearance.

Round 3. [1 BloSc, 1 Sc] x 21 (42)

Round 4. [1 BloSc, 1 LSc] x 21 (42)

Round 5. [1 BloSc, 1 Sc] x 21 (42)

Round 6. [1 BloSc, 1 LSc] x 21 (42)

Round 7. [1 BloSc, 1 Sc] x 21 (42)

Round 8. [1 BloSc, 1 LSc] x 21 (42)

Round 9. [1 BloSc, 1 Sc] x 18, we will now crochet the chains for the ears: 13 Ch, begin crocheting from the 4th chain stitch from the hook into back bumps on the back side of the chain (photo 8): 10 Sc; along the basket: [1 BloSc, 1 Sc] x 2; the second ear: 13 Ch, 10 Sc from the 4th chain into back bumps (photo 9), 1 BloSc, 1 Sc, connect orange yarn at the last step of the last stitch (photo 10 and 11)

Crochet Egg Basket
Photo 8 and 9
Crochet Egg Basket
Photo 10 and 11

Round 10. with orange yarn: [1 BloSc, 1 LSc] x 17 (photo 12), 1 BloSc, skip 1 st of the basket, and work along the ear: 2 Sc, 3 HDc, 5 Dc, 7 Dc into top space (white arrow photo 13),

Crochet Egg Basket
Photo 12 and 13

5 Dc, 3 HDc, 2 Sc; work along the basket: 1 BloSc, 1 Sc, 1 BloSc, skip 1 st; work along the second ear: 2 Sc, 3 HDc, 5 Dc, 7 Dc into top space, 5 Dc, 3 HDc, 2 Sc; work along the basket: skip 1 st, 1 LSc

Round 11. work Slst’s Blo along the basket (photo 14), I crocheted 35 Slst, then 27 Slst both loops along the ear; skip 1 st of the basket, work 1 LSc between the ears (photo 15), skip 1 st of the basket, 27 Slst both loops along the second ear, break the yarn and weave in ends (photo 16).

Crochet Egg Basket
Photo 14 and 15
Crochet Egg Basket
Photo 16

If you are crocheting with soft cotton or another soft yarn, you can lightly dampen the ears with PVA glue and let them dry for stiffness.


Feel free to decorate the crochet egg basket according to your preferences. You can utilize crocheted flowers, buttons, or lace for decoration. You can crochet one or two flowers. I will provide descriptions for both a larger flower and a smaller one.

Smaller flower

For the smaller flower, I used yellow yarn.

Round 1. Into magic ring crochet: [Ch2 (photo 1), 1 Dc, Ch2, Slst (photo 2)] x 5 (photo 3), pull the yarn end to close the magic ring (photo 4). Cut the yarn, leaving a tail for sewing.

Free Crochet Flower Pattern
Photo 1 and 2
Free Crochet Flower Pattern
Photo 3 and 4

Larger flower

With green yarn.

Round 1. Into magic ring crochet: [Ch3, 1 Tr, Ch3, Slst] x 5, pull the yarn end to close the magic ring. Cut the yarn, leaving a tail for sewing.

Free Crochet Flower Pattern
Photo 5

Sew flowers to the basket.

Crochet Egg Basket Free Pattern

Congratulations! Your Crochet Egg Basket is ready! I hope you have fun. I’d love to see your project, be sure to tag me @gorbunova.dolls on Instagram. If you are on Facebook join my group Crochet patterns by GorbunovaDolls and share a photo! If you enjoyed this free pattern, subscribe for more!

Crochet Egg Basket Pattern

If you have any questions about the Crochet Egg Basket Free pattern, please contact me here, and I’ll get right back to you.

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©Gorbunovadolls. All rights reserved. This pattern may not be published, resold, reproduced, shared, translated or altered without prior permission in writing from the author.

Selling of finished Items

The design and pattern are copyright and must not be reproduced for resale! You may sell finished items made from this pattern. For your personal use (non-profit) or for charity purposes you are permitted to make as many items from this pattern as you like.

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