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Crochet Applique Heart Free Pattern

Crochet Applique Heart: Free Pattern

Learn how to create a Crochet Applique Heart with this simple pattern. Whether you’re in search of a heartfelt handmade gift for Valentine’s Day or a thoughtful gesture for any occasion, this Crochet Applique Heart Free Pattern promises to bring joy! These adorable crochet hearts can be used in various ways, from embellishing other projects like bags or baby garments to creating a delightful crochet heart garland. For additional heart crochet patterns, explore this complimentary design: Crochet Heart Coaster Pattern.

This beginner-friendly crochet pattern includes basic stitches such as chain, double crochet, and slip stitch. Starting with a magic ring, the heart design is worked in rounds. If you’re new to crocheting, don’t forget to consult our guide on How to Crochet a Magic Ring. For added durability and neatness, I recommend starting your crochet work with a Double Magic Ring.

While this pattern utilizes cotton weight yarn, feel free to adapt it to suit any yarn weight by selecting the appropriate crochet hook size.

If you prefer, you can also simply scroll down and watch our step-by-step video tutorial.

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Crochet Applique Heart Free Pattern

Gauge and Measurements

The heart measures 1.37 inches (3.5 cm) in width and 1.18 inches (3 cm) in height, utilizing the yarn and hook mentioned above.

The gauge is not crucial for this pattern’s success. However, I prefer to use a hook size that is one or two sizes smaller or larger than the hook recommended on the yarn package. You’re welcome to adjust the yarn and hook size to create hearts of different sizes.

Abbreviations (US terms)

Here are the crochet abbreviations used in the Crochet Applique Heart pattern. Note that instructions are written in US terms. The resource you may find helpful in following this pattern: Crochet Abbreviations.

Ch – chain

Dc – double crochet

Slst – slip stitch

St – stitch

[] x – repeat the instructions in brackets x times

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PDF Pattern

The PDF crochet pattern is a great solution for those who want to print the instructions and work offline, or just want to support my work. You can find the PDF pattern in my shop. Your support allows me to continue to create new free patterns!

Crochet Applique Heart Pattern

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Let’s start 

Round 1.

You have the option to begin the project with either a magic ring or a double magic ring, but I suggest starting with the double magic ring to avoid having to secure the starting yarn tail later on.

Into magic ring crochet: Ch3 (considered as Dc, photo 1), 2 Dc, Ch2 (photo 2),

Crochet Applique Heart Free Pattern
Photo 1 and 2
[3 Dc, Ch2] x 3, pull the end of the loop to tighten it (photo 3),

Crochet Applique Heart Free Pattern
Photo 3

Slst into top of beginning Ch3 (photo 4 and 5).

Crochet Applique Heart Free Pattern
Photo 4 and 5

Round 2.

Slst into the next two sts, Slst in the ch2-space, skip one st, 8 Dc into the next st (photo 6 white arrow), Slst in the ch2-space (photo 7 white arrow),

Crochet Applique Heart Free Pattern
Photo 6 and 7

skip one st, 8 Dc into the next st (photo 8 white arrow), Slst in the ch2-space (photo 9),

Crochet Applique Heart Free Pattern
Photo 8 and 9

Slst into the next three sts, Slst in ch2-space. Cut the yarn, leaving a long tail. Thread the needle and weave in the end on the wrong side of the heart, referring to photos 10 and 11 for guidance.

Crochet Applique Heart Free Pattern
Photo 10 and 11


Crochet Applique Heart Free Pattern

Congratulations! Your Crochet Applique Heart is ready! I hope you have fun. I’d love to see your project, be sure to tag me @gorbunova.dolls on Instagram. If you are on Facebook join my group Crochet patterns by GorbunovaDolls and share a photo! If you enjoyed this free pattern, subscribe for more!

If you have any questions about the Crochet Applique Heart pattern, please contact me here, and I’ll get right back to you.

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Video Tutorial


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Selling of finished Items

The design and pattern are copyright and must not be reproduced for resale! You may sell finished items made from this pattern. For your personal use (non-profit) or for charity purposes you are permitted to make as many items from this pattern as you like.

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