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Following are the crochet symbols that have been adopted by members of the Craft Yarn Council and are considered to be the clearest and easiest to render and to read.

symbol - chainchain (ch)
symbol - slip stitchslip stitch (sl st)
symbol - single crochetsingle crochet (sc)
symbol - half double crochet

half double crochet (hdc)

symbol - hdc-blo

hdc blo

symbol - double crochetdouble crochet (dc)
symbol - double crochet-blodc blo
symbol - treble crochettreble crochet (tr)
symbol - double treble crochetdouble treble crochet (dtr)
symbol - sc2togsc2tog
symbol - sc3togsc3tog
symbol - dc2togdc2tog
symbol - dc3togdc3tog
symbol - hdc2toghdc2tog
symbol - hdc3toghdc3tog
symbol - 2 dc cluster2 dc cluster
symbol - 3 dc cluster3-dc cluster
symbol - 3 hdc cluster3-hdc cluster/puff st/bobble
symbol - 5 dc popcorn5-dc popcorn
symbol - 5 dc shell5-dc shell
symbol - 3-2-3 dc shell3-2-3 dc shell
symbol - ch-3 picotch-3 picot
symbol - FPscfront post sc (FPsc)
symbol - BPscback post sc (BPsc)
symbol - FPhdcfront post hdc (FPhdc)
symbol - BPhdcback post hdc (BPhdc)
symbol - FPdcfront post dc (FPdc)
symbol - BPdcback post dc (BPdc)
symbol - bloworked in back loop only (BLO)
symbol - floworked in front loop only (FLO)
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