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Free Crochet Bunny Pattern

Free Crochet Bunny Pattern – Mini Amigurumi Toy

Indulge in the joy of crafting with this delightful free crochet bunny pattern! These miniature amigurumi bunnies are not only adorable but come ready with their tiny outfits, adding an extra level of charm. What’s more, they’re a breeze to crochet, making them perfect for whipping up last-minute gifts for all the little ones in your life. Whether you’re a seasoned crocheter or just starting out, this pattern promises hours of fun and the satisfaction of creating something truly special. So grab your yarn and hooks, and let’s bring some handmade magic to life!

About the Free Crochet Bunny Pattern

To minimize the need for sewing, I’ve designed this crochet bunny pattern so that the head, arms, and body are all crocheted as one piece. This clever construction not only streamlines the assembly process but also ensures a seamless finish that’s both sturdy and visually appealing.

Feel free to experiment with different yarns, but I recommend opting for a slightly smaller crochet hook size than usual. This technique creates a tighter stitch, which prevents stuffing from peeking through and gives your bunny a more polished look.

So whether you’re a seasoned crocheter or just starting out, you’ll find this pattern both versatile and beginner-friendly, making it the perfect project for crafters of all skill levels.

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  • Cotton yarn: sport/4ply (size 2, fine or baby weight) in white, pink, and beige color.
  • Size 2.5 mm crochet hook.
  • Poly-Fil Fiberfill stuffing.
  • 10 mm black safety eyes.
  • Embroidery floss in white, brown, black, and pink color.
  • Yarn needle, stitch marker, pins and scissors.
  • Optional: decoration button

What did I use?

Schachenmayr Catania, 100% Cotton, 1.76 ounces = 137 yards/50 grams = 125 meters. Colors: 00105 (white), 00257 (beige), 00189 (pink).

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Gauge and Measurements

Gauge is not important for this free crochet bunny pattern, you can easily adjust the size of your toy by using smaller or larger hook and different types of yarn.

My finished toy measures 5.90 inches (15 cm) tall without counting the length of the ears. For those aiming for the same size, this gauge can serve as a reference: 10 stitches and 10 rows in single crochet measure 3.5 x 3.5 cm (1.37 x 1.37 inches).

Abbreviations (US terms)

Here are the crochet abbreviations used in this free crochet bunny pattern. Note that instructions are written in US terms.

CH – chain

St(s) – stitch(es)

SLST – slip stitch

SC – single crochet stitch (i.e. 3 SC means to crochet SC in next 3 sts)

DC – double crochet stitch

INC – single crochet increase (sc in indicated stitch 2 times)

TR – treble crochet stitch

InvDEC – invisible decrease (single crochet two stitches together front loop only)

BLO – back loop only

(…) – total number of stitches made in current round

If there is a record in the brackets in the pattern, multiplied by some number, for example [3 SC, 1 INC] x 3, it means you need to repeat this action 3 times, that is 3 SC, 1 INC, 3 SC, 1 INC, 3 SC, 1 INC.

The resource you may find helpful in following this free crochet bunny pattern: Crochet Abbreviations.

PDF Pattern

The PDF crochet pattern is a great solution for those who want to print the instructions and work offline, or just want to support my work. You can find the PDF pattern in my shop.

Free crochet bunny pattern

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Use white yarn. Crochet in a continuous spiral with a stitch marker. It can be a colored pin or thread of contrasting color. Pin a marker to 1st stitch of a round. Every new round must be started with a stitch at the marker.

R1: start 6 SC into a magic ring (6)

R2: 1 INC in all sts (12)

R3: [3 SC, 1 INC] x 3 (15)

R4-5: 1 SC in all sts (15)

R6: 5 InvDEC, 5 SC (10)

R7: 3 SC, change color to beige in the last step of the last sc (Photo 1 and 2), 7 SC (10)

Photo 1 and 2

R8-15 (8 rounds): 1 SC in all sts (10)

Remove marker and stuff bottom part of the arm. Turn the detail so that the invisible decreases made in round 6 are facing you. Press both sides of the arm’s open end together so that they lie on top of each other (Photo 3). Before your start Round 16 crochet 2 Sc more to the outer side stitch.

R16: Insert the hook through the corresponding stitches on both sides of the arm’s open end to crochet them together with 5 Sc (Photo 4, the first stitch is usually hard to crochet therefore use a smaller hook for convenience).

Photo 3 and 4

Break the yarn and fasten off. Weave in ends. Crochet the second arm in the same way (Photo 5, 6).

Photo 5 and 6


Use beige yarn. Crochet in a continuous spiral with a stitch marker.

R1: 6 SC into a magic ring (6)

R2: 1 INC in all sts (12)

R3: [1 SC, 1 INC] x 6 (18)

R4: 1 SC, 1 InvDEC, 7 SC, 1 INC, 6 SC, remove marker, 1 InvDEC (17)

R5: 1 InvDEC (place marker), 7 SC, 2 INC, 6 SC (18)

R6: 1 SC in all sts (18)

R7: 1 InvDEC, 8 SC, 1 INC, 7 SC (18)

R8: 1 SC in all sts (18)

Enlarge the loop and break the yarn. Crochet the 2nd leg, but do not break the yarn this time.

Photo 7

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Stuff while you go. Go ahead on the 2nd leg to connect both legs into a body.

R1: 1 SC, CH 4 (= CH4-chain), take the 1st leg (Photo 8), place enlarged loop back on your hook and tighten (Photo 9),

Photo 8 and 9

insert the hook into the next st (Photo 10), yarn over, pull up a loop (3 loops on the hook, Photo 11),

Photo 10 and 11

yarn over and pull the yarn through all loops on the hook, then 17 SCc over the remaining sts on the 1st leg, 4 SC along the CH4-chain, 18 SC around the 2nd leg, 4 SC into the loops on the other side of the CH4-chain (44, Photo 12, 13). Next stitch will be a new beginning of the following rounds.

Photo 12 and 13

R2: 1 SC (this st is hard to crochet therefore use a smaller hook for convenience, place marker), 17 SC, 1 INC, 2 SC, 1 INC, 12 SC, 1 INC, 5 SC, 1 INC, 2 SC, 1 INC (49)

R3: 5 SC, 1 INC, 43 SC (50)

R4: 1 SC in all sts, change to pink yarn in the last step of the last sc (50)

R5: 1 SC, 1 INC, 16 SC, 1 INC, 6 SC, 1 INC, 16 SC, 1 INC, 7 SC (54)

R6. Work BLO: 1 SC in all sts (54), don’t forget to stuff

R7: [1 InvDEC, 7 SC] x 6 (48)

R8-9: 1 SC in all sts (48)

R10: 3 SC, 1 InvDEC, [6 SC, 1 InvDEC] x 5, 3 SC (42)

R11-12: 1 SC in all sts (42)

R13: [1 InvDEC, 5 SC] x 6 (36)

R14-15: 1 SC in all sts (36)

R16: 2 SC, 1 InvDEC, [4 SC, 1 InvDEC] x 5, 2 SC (30)

R17-18: 1 SC in all sts (30, Photo 14), stuff

Photo 14

Arms connection

For the following round, take care to attach arms symmetrically as shown on Photo 16.

R19: 4 SC (you may need a different number of sc, change to beige yarn), join the 1st arm: 5 SC (work hooking through both sts of the body and the arm, Photo 15); 10 SC BLO; join the 2nd arm: 5 SC; 6 SC BLO, remove marker; 4 SC BLO (30, Photo 16)

Photo 15 and 16

R20: [1 InvDEC, 1 SC] x 10 (20)

R21: 1 SC in all sts (20), continue crocheting a head without cutting yarn

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R1: [1 INC, 1 SC] x 10 (30)

R2: [1 SC, 1 INC] x 15 (45)

R3: 1 SC in all sts (45)

R4: [4 SC, 1 INC] x 9 (54)

R5: [8 SC, 1 INC] x 6 (60)

R6-R17 (12 rounds): 1 SC in all sts (60)

Mark eyes with pins between round 11 and 12 with a distance of 11 stitches between pins (Photo 17). Insert safety eyes (Photo 18). Make sure you are happy with the placement before proceeding because once the washer is fixed to the rod of the eye, it cannot be removed.

R18: 4 SC, 1 InvDEC, [8 SC, 1 InvDEC] x 5, 4 SC (54)

R19: [1 InvDEC, 7 SC] x 6 (48)

R20: 3 SC, 1 InvDEC, [6 SC, 1 InvDEC] x 5, 3 SC (42), start stuffing

R21: [1 InvDEC, 5 SC] x 6 (36)

R22: 2 SC, 1 InvDEC, [4 SC, 1 InvDEC] x 5, 2 SC (30)

R23: [1 InvDEC, 3 SC] x 6 (24)

R24: 1 SC, 1 InvDEC, [2 SC, 1 InvDEC] x 5, 1 SC (18)

R25: [1 InvDEC, 1 SC] x 6 (12), stuff firmly

R26: 2 InvDEC, close remaining stitches through the front loops as shown in the video.

Photo 17 and 18


Use white yarn. Make a foundation chain 17.

R1: 1 TR into 5th ch from hook, 11 TR along the chain, 10 TR into same last st, work on along the other side of the foundation ch: 12 TR, CH3, SLST in chain as shown on Photo 19 and 20,

Photo 19 and 20

fasten off and weave in end (Photo 21).

Photo 21

R2: Insert your hook into st where we’ve just crocheted the last slst, beige yarn over (Photo 22), pull up a loop, CH1 and 1 SC in this st (Photo 23),

Photo 22 and 23

2 SC in the ch4-chain (Photo 24), 2 SC into corner st, 11 SC along the side of the ear, (1 SC, 1 INC) x 5, 11 SC along the other side of the ear, 2 SC into one st, 2 SC in the ch3-chain, SLST into the 1st st of the rnd. Break the yarn and weave in ends.

Photo 24

Crochet the 2nd ear in the same way (Photo 25).

Fold ears as shown on Photo 26 and sew them together with beige yarn, then sew them to the top of the head (Photo 27)

Photo 25 and 26
Photo 27

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Use pink yarn. Crochet skirt into front loops of the remaning stitches of the body (Round 06).

Hold the toy head down, the back side is facing you, insert the hook in front loop of the 1st remaining stitch, pink yarn over (Photo 28), CH3 (Photo 29),

Photo 28 and 29

1 DC in the same stitch, [1 DC, CH2, 2 DC in same st, CH2] to the end of the remaining front loops, SLST into top of CH3 (Photo 30). Fasten off and weave in ends.

Photo 30


Use white yarn.

Insert your hook into one st surrounded by CH2-chains (where we crocheted 1 DC in the previous round, not 2 DC), yarn over (Photo 31), pull up a loop, CH1 and 1 SC in this stitch, [CH2 (Photo 32),

Photo 31 and 32

2 SC (in the sts of 2 DC made in the previous rnd, Photo 33), CH2, 1 SC] x repeat to the end of the round, finish with 1 SLST in 1st of the round. Weave in ends.

Photo 33 and 34


Use white yarn. Make a foundation chain 64

R1: 3 DC into the 3rd ch from the hook, 60 DC along the chain, 7 DC into the same last ch; work along the other side of the foundation chain: 60 DC, 3 DC into the same last ch, finish with 1 SLST (Photo 35). Weave in end.

Photo 35 and 36


Use straight stitches and embroidery floss.

Embroider whites of the eyes with 6-strand of embroidery floss in white color, eyelashes – in black color, nose – in pink and white color, eyebrows – in brown color as shown on Photo 37. Embroider bangs as shown on Photo 38 if you like. Also you can make some color in cheeks with decorative cosmetics.

Photo 37

The bunny is ready! I hope you have fun. Don’t forget to share your final result on Instagram using #GorbunovaDolls hashtag. If you enjoyed this Free Crochet Bunny Pattern, subscribe for more!

Photo 38 and 39


©Gorbunovadolls. All rights reserved. This pattern may not be published, resold, reproduced, shared, translated or altered without prior permission in writing from the author.

Selling of finished Items

The design and pattern are copyright and must not be reproduced for resale! You may sell finished items made from this pattern. For your personal use (non-profit) or for charity purposes you are permitted to make as many items from this pattern as you like.

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